(Scott Gryder, vocals/Nick Sula, piano)

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"I think you're amazingly talented.  Your act reminds me of the wonderful puppetry and humor in Howard Crabtree's early cabaret shows."

-David Rambo (songwriter of “Elizabeth”)

"Really enjoyed your CD Scott. Nice selection of tunes…[you] sound glorious!”

-Lee Lessack (LML Music, Los Angeles, CA)

"I received your CD and it's terrific! What a smart line-up of songs you collected. A great mix of classics from musical theatre stalwarts and a cross-section of newer writers (including friends Brian Lowdermilk and Kait Kerrigan, and the uber talented Peter Mills). You have such a strong voice (and high!) and it was nice to hear you honor the original versions of songs while still managing to put your own spin on them. Also, please congratulate Nick for me -- he plays beautifully.”

-Neil Bartram (composer of “The Butterfly”) 

“You've got a lovely voice, powerful at times, and should have a great career…terrific vocal chops! You should go far! 

-Alex Rybeck (music dir

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